How does SSL Certificate Help in Website Ownership Authenticity and Data Integrity?

SSL Certificate Help in Website Ownership Authenticity and Data Integrity


Evolving World Wide Web has increased the need for better website protection solutions from cybercriminal activities. Google and other search engines have been taken steps in making the internet a safe place encouraging owner to employ HTTPS protocol.

In 2018, Google declared that sites without HTTPS will be marked as ‘not secure’. It alerts website visitors that their sensitive data is not safe when they browse such websites. All the others with HTTPS protocols will have green-colored HTTPS mentioned in their URL, it indicates the website is protected by an SSL certificate.

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What is an SSL certificate?

Secure Socket Layer or SSL is a security practice that allows encrypted interaction between the internet browser and web server. All the data transmitted between the two points are encrypted. In other words, an SSL certificate makes sure that the sensitive data or communication relayed between browser and web server is visible to the website and its user only.

When visitors navigate through your secure website, it conveys an SSL certificate to the visitor’s browser with an essential key to start a secure session. Thus, the SSL protocol starts and allows information to be encrypted and conveyed to and fro.

SSL certificate includes the following details

  • Certificate holder’s name.
  • Serial number & expiration date of the SSL certificate.
  • Public key copy of the certificate holder.
  • Certificate issuing authority’s digital signature.

Without an SSL certificate establishing a safe connection is impossible. It means the transferred data is not associated with a cryptographic key. It affects your business credibility and possibly prevents potential buyers to purchase from your online store.

Without an SSL certificate, ranking on Google is too hard. Even if you have invested time and money in creating a robust SEO site without an SSL certificate the chances of ranking are negligible.

What is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS is an enhanced secure version of the traditional HTTP protocol used to communicate between visitor’s browser and your website. A secure website has ‘http: //’ prefixed to its URL, while a website with SSL certification has ‘https: //’.

Since 2014, SSL certificates are a ranking factor on Google. Having an SSL certificate offers online business owners a competitive edge against competitors without HTTPS.

Reasons why SSL is a necessity

Website ownership authenticity

SSL certificate offers website ownership authentication. Identity verification is crucial for web security. The Internet has become a deceptive place as there is lots of news regarding hacking, scamming, phishing, and many other illegal cybercrimes going around. Therefore, it is crucial to have an SSL certificate.

With this protocol, you need to undergo an authentication process conducted by Certificate Authority [CA], an autonomous 3rd party. The CA verifies you and your company’s identity. Your website gains trust indicators that ouch your integrity. Users view them and recognize the authenticity of your website. It enhances your brand reputation and saves users from imposters and frauds.

Protects data integrity

SSL certificate works towards defending communication between users and servers. SSL installation means all the information passed across or received is encrypted. The data is locked and is only unlocked by a specific recipient with the key.

SSL helps to protect your valuable data like credit card numbers, IDs, passwords, etc. from potential scammers and hackers. The data is converted into an undecipherable format, which hackers cannot breakthrough.

Better ranking on search engine

Google has declared that HTTPS-enabled websites will be prioritized. In a survey, a strong correlation was uncovered between top-ranking and HTTPS.

Enhances customer trust

Besides authentication and encryption, SSL certificates help to build customer trust. Users gain assurance with the sign that the information they will send is encrypted and secure. Besides, if you installed EV or OV SSL, your company details are also visible. As soon as, customers recognize your business authenticity, they will possibly prefer to do business or become loyal customers.

SSL helps to fulfill PCI/DSS requirements

For online payment approval, your website has to be PCI [payment card industry] complaint. SSL certificate is one of 12 requirements. So, SSL is essential for online businesses whether they desire it or not.

Take full leverage of HTTPS revolution and add an extra security layer for site visitors and build trust!

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