WordPress security with step-by-step instructions

WordPress security


All website owners should pay attention to the topic of WordPress security. Approximately 10,000 websites fall under Google’s malware blacklisting each day and about 50,000 are blacklisted for phishing every week.

Taking advantage of WordPress security best practices is an essential step to maintaining a successful website. To protect your website from malware and hackers, we are sharing all the best WordPress security tips in this guide.

What are the benefits of website security?

Additionally, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites each week that are compromised with malware, and about 50,000 sites that are compromised with phishing. Websites that are online are especially vulnerable to WordPress cloud hosting security threats. The owner of an online business website is protected, just as the owner is responsible for the physical business building.

Updating WordPress should not be neglected

A regular update and maintenance program keeps WordPress up-to-date. In WordPress, minor updates are installed automatically. During major versions, the update must be started manually. Thousands of plugins and themes can also be used for customizing a WordPress-powered website. Third party developers make available these plugins and themes regularly and update them based on user feedback. It is these updates that could have an impact on WordPress site security and stability.

Access rights and strong passwords

Hackers most frequently use passwords stolen from WordPress users. You can protect your website with unique passwords so that it is more difficult for them to guess. Including the WordPress admin area, the FTP accounts, the WordPress database, and your custom email addresses, all stored on your site’s domain. Beginning users are unable to remember strong passwords, thus they prefer weak ones. That is good news because you haven’t got to remember any passwords anymore. Password managers let you manage your passwords.

Keeping your admin account secure means that no one can access it.

Using WordPress is an option if it’s absolutely necessary. When adding someone to your WordPress site, think about your own roles and abilities as a user, especially if you have many contributors on your team.

WordPress as a hosting platform

  1. The most important aspect of securing your WordPress site is your WordPress cloud hosting In order to protect their servers from common threats, service providers like Blue host or Site ground go the extra mile.
  2. To protect your websites and data, good background web hosts implement these measures.
  3. The network is constantly checked for suspicious activity.
  4. Hosting companies with good security practices are equipped to prevent large-scale DDOS attacks.
  5. By hosting your WordPress website with a managed hosting service, you make it a lot more secure. You can protect your website with advanced security settings if you have WordPress hosting with managed service providers. Our top recommendation is managed WordPress hosting from WP Engine. Moreover, they hold the most coveted position in the industry.Alternatively, you can use Liquid Web, which is a better alternative to WP Engine.

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