Website Performance with Page Speed Optimization

Website Performance


Page speed calculates how fast the content is loading on a web page. The loading speed of a page depends on various factors such as image compression, the website’s server, and page file size.

Your page speed is significant for two important reasons i.e. search engines and users. Page speed is significant for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines always like quickly loading websites.

According to a report, 40% of the users move away from a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Due to this, Google uses page speed as a ranking factor. If you embrace page speed as a ranking factor, it gives access to the search engines to improve the user experience.

They not only deliver the desired answers and information to the users but also deliver their expected experience. To grow your business online, your ranking should be on page one. 

According to a study, most users browse only the first page and many of them click on only the first three links. 

Whenever users enter anything in the query box of Google, they want their reply as fast as possible. If they do not get the results quickly they move away from your site and search elsewhere. It leads to a decrease in the conversion rate and revenue.

Now let’s move on to the steps that help to improve the page speed score.  The website comprises CSS, HTML, and Javascript files. If you want to improve the speed of your page you need to compress these files to reduce their sizes.

Image compression is one of the essential factors to improve the page speed. You should compress your images as the smaller size images lead to improved page speed, higher traffic, and better ranking.

Browser caching is one of the important factors for page speed. Browser such as Chrome often saves the data of your website so that whenever a user returns to your site they can access the data quickly. You need to try a Content Delivery Network to improve the page speed.

Server response time is one of the important factors that users always keep in mind to access the content quickly. 

RabbitLoader is one such speed optimization plugin that improves the performance of the site. As a result, you achieve better SEO rankings. It is helpful in compression of the images, and the minification of HTML, CSS, and Javascript files. An integrated CDN, helps you deliver content in any corner of the world.

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