Web Hosting Prices – Are You Being Ripped Off?

Web Hosting


Once you have decided to launch a website online, you need to have a web host whose main work is to protect the site’s users and owners from spam and fraud. It is also meant to increase the speed and the user-friendliness of a site.

Web hosting prices are very competitive and can be found all over the internet and the details of their packages differ from one site to the other.

There are many packages and web hosting prices differ according to the features of the particular priced packs. There are some web designers who will host sites for free and for this reason many owners do not see the need to look for a host cpanel server management .

If you are that kind of person, its time you went shopping for a web host or take a good look at the kind of package you are being offered; chances are you have the discount plan, which offers the most basic of web hosting services and may subject you to a lot of security risks.

There are some respectable companies that have good services, and even their most basic of packages do not put you into a lot of risks.

It makes sense to go for the discount plan if you are just starting in business since you do not have a lot of money and you cannot pay for any other plan.

However, as soon as you have a hold on the market and your business has taken off, you need to look for another plan since you will get the attention of hackers.

Back to the basic discount plan, this plan is the cheapest and for many people it is free. The price largely depends on the kind of host you have. There are some web designers who, in an effort to get more clients, offer free web hosting for a particular time.

Most of the time, this kind of hosting is the basic plan. Either way, if you are paying for your hosting, you should be paying around 200 to 300 INR every month.

Once you are in the market and you are making waves, chances are you will get more threats in the form of hackers. Your competitors will want to have the information you have and will do anything to get it and the first place they will strike is your site.

All the best web hosts use Windows and Linux. The latter is more stable and a more secure form of web hosting. It is generally user-friendly and allows the owner of the site to have full control of their site.

These two are more expensive than the basic plan and have a lot of advantages as a result. Either way does not be tricked into thinking that the more expensive a plan, the better it is.

While some of them are better because they are expensive and therefore more complete, there are some which are not worth the extra pennies you pay for them.

Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Web hosting prices for these other sites are generally in the realm of 200 INR per month or more.

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