5 basic helpful features of free web hosting

free web hosting


Looking for free web hosting plans can be challenging. With so many web hosting services available, it gets tougher and tougher to avail of free web hosting services. However, some basic features intend to provide the best web hosting services at reasonable prices. Here in this article, we prioritize some of the crucial features of free web hosting and its wide range of practices.

Disk space and bandwidth

Disk space usually refers to the amount of storage space required by the web hosting service provider. This space is said to occupy and require storage space to check and store web files, images, and text that you can work on while on a website.

Bandwidth is known for allowing the traffic generated to your website and providing the access needed to view the website. It means every time a visitor visits or browses your website, they type your website and get website information. If they leave the site, whichever pages they earlier visited will be updated in the website sources and work like downloading a file or listening to audio also they can do. If your website is high on graphical content or visuals, you need higher storage capacity and bandwidth space.

Website build and FTP

If you have a website just created or are about to start, think of a free web hosting service provider. It will enable your site to create an all-new design template that suits your website requirements.FTP belongs to the file transfer protocol through which transferring your website files to your free web hosting server. It gives access to your current website files to be uploaded from your computer to a free web hosting server. It also allows downloading files from your web hosting server to your computer faster and quicker. A reputed and popular web hosting server can access 24/7 unrestricted FTP access.

Email services

Yes, your hosting web service should provide you with email facilities to let you create a domain account or like set up @yourdomain.com. It will help you to get access to all emails that are sent by all emailed. The email service also includes POP3 and SMTP to enjoy unlimited email access.

Support assistance and bespoke services

It would help if you had a free web hosting service provider that is trusted, reliable, and has a 24/7 customer support desk. Well, although most web hosting support cannot claim that they will address all issues experienced by the customer, they can offer 24/7 server and network monitoring, hardware and network configuration, and onsite backup power supply or restoration.


When you look for free web hosting services, you can do a call to action and expect all the above features to be offered on free services. If any service provider forces you to pay the charges, you must discontinue or terminate the service agreement for a better experience.

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