The Panasonic P100: For a Device that Blends Functionality, Comfort and Aesthetics

The Panasonic P100


Looking for a device that offers you the best of all worlds? Not exactly finding the right device that offers you a fast processor, is attentive and responsive to commands, is sleek and stylish in appearance and is easy to manage? Then, you haven’t yet laid eyes on the Panasonic P100. This device comes with all of these features and, leaving no stones unturned, offers you a unique user experience on all the right levels. Here are a few of the specs this device comes with, pegged to describe that how this smartphone has been designed to meet all your needs.

The energy filled processor packs a potent punch 

The quad-core processor of this device strictly means performance. The 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM and expandable memory of up to 128GB ensures you ample amount of space to perform a variety of operations. This makes it easy to store files as well as carry out other functions without any restrictions. The device also runs flawlessly at a speed of 1.25GHz.

The long standing battery life 

The device also comes with Android Nougat 7.0 and a fingerprint sensor. While this ensures you can perform tasks with the help of an intelligent processor, it makes it easy to unlock your phone with a single touch. It also makes sure that only you have the power to open your device, so that no one else can breach your privacy. The 2200mAh battery gives you a peace of mind, knowing that the device comes with a long lasting backup. This makes conducting various tasks & operations effortless.

The feature rich camera 

While the smartphone comes with an 8MP rear camera with 1.4-micrometer pixels and LED flash, the 5MP front camera comprises an auto screen detection and face beauty mode in addition to other modes. This ensures you can capture impressive pictures every single time.

Additional specs to keep in mind 

This Gorilla glass mobile offers you a one-of-a-kind visual experience as well as safeguards your phone from cracks and other kinds of damage, in case it slips from your hands. The 12.7cm (5) HD IPS display makes it easy to obtain a flawless experience as you get to witness striking colors in vivid clarity. With OTG support, the device can easily be connected to external devices. This makes it easy to connect it to controllers, keyboards and even a mouse.

Since it comes in four striking color variants, black, dark grey, gold and blue, you can pick the one that best suits your taste and preference. The Panasonic P100 reviews say that “For a device packed with such advance features, it comes at a cost that is too good to be true”.

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