PMS for Your Hotel: Things to Consider

PMS for Your Hotel


Most of the hotels often make the mistake of selecting a lower end PMS solution that does not really accomplish their basic requirements or else, they go for a high end solution that comes with a lot of features that may not be of a lot use to the hotel. Of course,  you can look out for a pms system hotel that is apt for your needs.

There are certain things that you should be mindful about when you choose hotel management system or PMS system and a few of them are going to be explained in this post. Once you walk through them, you would be better equipped to make a right choice for your hotel.

Overall Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting is an absolutely important aspect of your hotel’s operations and strategic planning. When selecting a PMS, hoteliers must look at the diverse types of reports it provides and whether it is going to help gain insights on the revenue and even performance of the hotel.

  • Know your Goals

Make a proper list of what you’re looking for in a proper PMS and rank them on the basis of your needs. It is critical to understand what you require and why you need it as per the goals you have for your property. It is also a great practice to do some initial sort of research on available products before you set up your expectations with respect to the features and even overall pricing. You know a few of the key functionalities that any efficient PMS can offer are like:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-set-up type of platform having features that can be changed to match the particular needs or requirements of your hotel.
  • A centralized system to simply manage users, modules, departments, services, rates, and more with simply a click.
  • Remote accessibility and round the clock support including multi-property management
  • Proper contactless check-in and check-out.
  • Convenient management of housekeeping and even maintenance modules.
  • Uncomplicated type of booking management that allows you to modify as well as change reservations once needed.
  • Reviews and reputation management so that you can easily provide the best guest experience.
  • Centralized type of reservation management using a robust channel manager that simply updates room status and availability throughout all distribution channels in real time.
  • A powerful system of reports and analytics to aid in tracking performance, trends, and help you make the correct decisions to enhance the overall revenue.
  • Supports integrations with third-party type of services so that you will advantage the most in order to fulfil your goals.
  • Manage all sort of your point-of-sales units from a single dashboard.
  • A mobile app, so that you can easily take care of your business from any sort of device.
  • A web booking engine, to simply drive more direct bookings and cut costs on overall commissions.

These features are just the bare minimum and may change relying on the size of your property, and the aims you have set for it.

  • Go for a User-friendly Interface

Of course, the last thing you want is to simply invest in hotel software that your employees are uncertain to use. The right hotel property management system is completely user-friendly, easy to adapt to, and even has a simple to learn dashboard. This is something that will help to reduce employee training time and even enhance productivity.

A good and effective hotel property management system automates a lot of your day-to-day endeavours and tasks such as check-in or out, housekeeping status, processing payments, even night audits, rate management, guest management, and so on. Make sure that the PMS you choose is absolutely simplifying your tasks, and not at all complicating things further. It is critical to find a PMS that shapes itself according to your specific business needs and not the other way around.

  • Go for a Cloud-Based System

Cloud computing is the clear future of technology – Easy to install, more dependable , upscaling capabilities, and even nearly no maintenance cost. It gives hoteliers the chance to access their hotel management system software from anywhere as well as at any time. Make your bookings, even check-in and check-out guests, overall process payments, manage housekeeping and even maintenance services, add new users and so much more remotely. It is time that you say goodbye to the challenges or hassle of having to upkeep the infrastructure and costs of an on-site hotel property management type of system.

  • Choose a 24/7 Support

Indeed, running a hotel is not really a nine to five job. Hence at the time of selecting your PMS, you require to ensure it is able to offer round the clock support to cover your overall working hours. This means that your PMS service providers is going to be available to solve any queries, or problems that you may have at any moment that you may have them.

You know what, select a hotel property management system that not simply provides onboarding and constant training and support to your staff but even has a simple enough interface that your staff is going to have no trouble adapting to. It is also going to be extremely useful if they had resources like that of articles, blogs, or AI technology to cut down repetitive manual sort of tasks and operations that you may have. During the present day times, a pro-tip would be to simply choose a PMS partner that offers you remote training and support. Contactless training is equally critical for the safety of your staff.

  • Smooth Integrations

The property management system you choose for your hotel should be able to integrate with the common external systems such as key card access, mini bars and even call accounting to mention a few. Of course, you would not want that the system you choose shows issues with integration.


To sum up, having read all these points in this post, Aiosell is a better placeto choose a hotel pms software that works impressively for your hotel.  A great PMS will change the future of your hotel for sure.

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