Cloud Hosting 2020 – MilesWeb

Cloud Hosting 2020 – MilesWeb


While running a full-fledge business, a continuous thought of expanding it comes in your mind. Every time you think of it, you might look at your website and find the scope to do so. In case you don’t have a business website yet, then you are missing a lot of opportunities. Thus, before finding any new methods, it is better to get a website.

If you already have a website and are looking out for ways to increase website traffic then you may need to upgrade the plan that can accommodate all resources and traffic. You need to make sure that the server should withstand the heavy flow without causing a burden over CPU and RAM. With all this, the performance of the website should never degrade.

In such an instance best cloud hosting is the better way to opt for. The cloud facilitating model is a less expensive option that provides a strong server and allows organizations to deal with their own servers.

Cloud hosting allows applications and sites to make the use of cloud assets. Organizations using cloud hosting gets the highest benefit of data protection. That’s why many large businesses prefer cloud hosting that resides on-premises and computes in the cloud provider’s environment.

The most trusted cloud hosting provider in India is MilesWeb and also has datacenter located in India and other parts of the world. Billions of people in India use cloud hosting and have extreme potential to grow business.

It the cheap WordPress cloud hosting service provider with top-notch resources and support.

The benefits of MilesWeb cloud hosting are :

Reliability –

In cloud hosting, a website gets hosted on multiple servers, and thus, it fetches the required resource from any one of the servers. Thus, the website doesn’t get dependent on any particular server. So, when one server goes down the website doesn’t get lost, instead it gets back up by another server. Thus, cloud hosting is the most reliable form of web hosting.

Security –

As we have seen website data is stored on various servers, so it becomes impossible to hack the data of any website. There are several server protocols associated that manage the widespread data and it cannot be cracked easily.

Scalability –

Cloud hosting provides the freedom to upscale and downscale resources as required. So, when the traffic of the website increases just upscale resources and during low traffic just downscale them. This helps you to utilize sources as needed and wisely.

MilesWeb Cloud Hosting Plans :

All the plans deploy and manage cloud hosting effortlessly with an add on cPanel.

Control Panel choice.

The plan offers the authority to manage your complete cloud server with the help of a web-based control panel. You can get the finest control panels like cPanel, Plesk, and Webuzo for your cloud server. The Plesk and cPanel are compatible with CentOS. Whereas, Debian, Ubuntu, and Webuzo work fines with CetnOS and Ubuntu.

Choice of operating systems are :

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora

The scalable cloud server offers :

1) Cloud Infrastructure

The loud hosting from MilesWeb offers a cloud server along with the power of a dedicated server. This delivers the desired performance for your site/app.

2) Enterprise-Grade Hardware

The servers are built upon the latest enterprise-grade hardware for fine performance tuning that exceeds architectural standards. The cloud server uses SSD technology and Intel Xenon processors.

3) Superior Speed Performance

The superior speed guarantees that your website or applications will never get down and hence visitors can enjoy their surfing easily. This increases the waiting time of visitors on the site and also helps in the ranking website on search engine results.

Why choose cloud hosting?

It is easy to get

The best AWS managed cloud hosting provider like MilesWeb is very reliable and they also offer 99.95% uptime. Cloud servers run in an interconnected network fashion so the site always has backup from one or the other server.

It is easy to deploy

The deploying and accessing cloud hosting doesn’t require any type of coding knowledge. In case you are a coder then users can easily use PHP, Ruby on Rail, Node, and Python languages without any coding experience.

It is easy to manage

The cloud hosting is easy to manage which comprises of deployment manager configure and log files team collaborations platform that is integrated with CI/CD tools. The plan comes with full-fledged dashboards that consist of an intuitive application topology wizard.

What do people say about MilesWeb hosting?

Features offered by MilesWeb are :

Affordability –

The main reason behind adopting a cloud hosting is its reduced cost which is affordable than the cost from other web hosting providers.

Optimization –

MilesWeb DigitalOcean and AWS plans are optimized with advanced caching. It enhances website performance to a great extent.

Security –

MilesWeb scans its server on a daily basis and provides 24/7 support. A complete safeguard is provided that protects the server and website from any kind of miss happening.

Experts –

MilesWeb has a team of cloud certifies experts that provide a solution to all your cloud-related issues. Other providers charge extra for cloud support whereas, MilesWeb provides it for free.

Bottom Line

From all the above points we can see that cloud hosting is a must-have for a website to grow limitless. MilesWeb hosting provides scalable resources and provides support throughout the journey. So, if you are considering cloud hosting for your website then MilesWeb is the best choice.

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