What is Experience Cloud in Salesforce?

Salesforce Experience Cloud


Formerly known as Community Cloud, it allows businesses to engage with the consumers and allows the users to create portals, applications, and forums. Businesses can also use Experience Cloud to create and manage the engagement with the employees. Integrated with Salesforce, the Salesforce Experience Cloud offers the ability to create communities to fulfill the purpose of communicating with consumers, employees and partners.

With Experience Cloud, here are the following touchpoints that you can create-

  • Partner Central
  • Account Portal
  • Build your own
  • Customer service

What are the features of Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Designed for digital experience of consumers, who can be employees, volunteers, business partners, students or such. Here are the key features of the Salesforce Experience Cloud-

Easily build communities

Helps in building a customizable and responsive portal where your users can update their info, manage claims, resolve cases and more.

Connect with consumers

With the help of Experience Cloud by Salesforce, you can empower your users by offering customers to execute their own solutions.

Merge data from different sources

Salesforce’s Experience Cloud allows you to integrate data from different sources even if it’s any 3rd party application.

Drive and measure engagement

Experience Cloud offers platforms, badges, endorsement, customizable dashboards, to derive and manage engagements on different metrics, and optime consumer engagement with your business.

Grow your partnership

With the Salesforce Partner Relationship Management, you can easily increase and kick-start the sales by connecting with distributors, resellers, and other partners.

Business Cloud

You can now put all your data in one place and give relevant experience to your users. Your partners can upload the leads and increase business opportunities.


With a library of customizable and highly-responsive templates, in the theme panel. Businesses can create a custom library of assets with archive states, drafts, logos, and more.

Experience Cloud Licenses

Experience Cloud offers flexibility and freedom to choose between three different types of license as per your requirements-

  1. Any external application
  2. Partner Relationship Management
  3. Self-Service

What is the pricing of Experience Cloud in Salesforce?

The price varies depending on the edition you choose to use. Starting from $2 to $35, you will have to pay for it annually, on two bases- per member or per login. If you’re a frequent member, then you should take up the membership and in case of not using it frequently, you should opt for per login basis.

Previously known as Community Cloud, the Experience Cloud in Salesforce was launched in October 2012. Helping businesses build communities, portals and such, Experience Cloud offers personalized experience to track engagement and target audience. Offering comprehensive pre-built template library, numerous customization options, audience and topic features and such, to provide best experience to the consumers. With Experience Cloud, you can create a self-help base, lead management, consumer support, case management and such which you can easily manage from one end. Drive sales, deliver world-class services, and simply manage content, and workflow all from one platform. If you’re planning to integrate Experience Cloud in Salesforce for your business, then you can derive more profit and engagement in a shorter span of time.

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