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Those who want to learn new things the best way for the same is learning through a video. In present era, there are many platforms available which offer various videos in different categories. One can watch video to learn new skills or even just to have some entertainment. However, in many cases after watching a video people want to download it on the device which is not permitted. Subscribing to the channel is one sure way to keep watching the video under content protection laws, or one can simply contact the site owners for the purchase of the content, whether adult-rated or kids videos, kids playing around or straight educational videos.

It is a fact that the android users get various apps from play store. However it never means that there are no other platforms available for such apps. Among the third party apps one can find 9apps with a huge collection of various apps under different categories. Here are some of the best apps for video downloading which are present on 9apps.

  • Vidmate: Among the leading apps in this category, one can check vidmate which is known as most popular app. To download a video one needs to have vidamte apk download with the help of app which can pull the required video easily. This app is not there on the play store and hence one needs to get the same from website of 9apps only. The app here can get itself installed automatically after download. It can be used immediately after installation and all what one needs is the link of the video which is required to be pasted. Once the link is offered to the app, it can get the video pulled from any platform. Hence using this app is simple and quick.
  • All in one video downloader: As the name shows, it is the app that can get the video downloaded in any format. One can get this app also from 9apps and start using it after installation. The app also has got different settings with the help of which the quality of the video can be changed as per the requirement of the user. This app is also popular among the users who want to pull videos from different platforms. Though various video sites do not allow the users to have the videos on the device but this app can help the users have the required videos in no time.
  • Vmate:For effective download of any video this is another app that can be used by the video lovers. The process to get the app as well as video with the help of the same is very easy. After having the app downloaded, the user needs to offer it the link of the video and press the button of download which can drive the app to have the video on the device immediately. This app is also known for its dashboard and small size.
  • Tube Video:The app tube Video is for those who love to have the small videos on the device. It also offers ease of accessing the same as the user can find the video in a specific folder which is created by the app. For the video lovers who want to share the downloaded video, it can work as the best app.

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