The reasons to be using Angular JS for web app development

AngularJS security


Formulated by Google Angular JS is an open script programming language. It is going to incorporate a series of innovative features that we come across on a website. The main feature of AngularJS security is development of single page applications. The emphasize is on testability or code and it might be reason why web developers would be preferring it over the other frameworks. Some of the top notch websites end up using Angular JS for their website. Examples are Amazon, or Gmail to name a few of them. As far as Angular JS for web development is concerned there are numerous benefits.

Easy to grasp

An individual having knowledge of CSS, Java script of HTML can grasp Angular JS easily. If you learn this language it opens up a wide array of opportunities in the domain of web development. Numerous types of courses are available online. Via these online tutorials you can learn on how to test these Angular applications. If you are well versed in Angular JS there is going to less amount of time necessary for developing web applications.

A two way binding feature

This language paves way for an immediate alignment with the model or the view. If you make any changes on to the data it would be reflected on the view. The moment you are making changes to be viewing the data then you may revise the model accordingly. When you are using such a type of binding, it would be simplifying the presentation layer. It paves way for a less intrusive approach to DOM for constructing the UI.

Extends support to SPA features

A main feature of  formulating an application of a single page, Is a faster transition of website. The website is going to function pretty much in the same way like an app. Even they are going to communicate with the web page, rather than the default method of the browser to be loading new pages. It goes by the name of a single page application. Angular JS is going to extend all possible support when it comes to SPA application.

Google extends support

Google would be providing support to Angular JS for all its applications. The skilled engineers of Google have come up with numerous improvements in Angular JS. Still some of the developers prefer the use of this language. Due to the backing of Google the language has witnessed some form of credibility. Even get in touch with the developers and ask them suggestions.

With Angular JS it is possible to test your web app. It would allow for unit testing and an  end to end testing. By the concept of dependency injection it gives an idea on the type of components a web application would be generating. Even testing solutions would give you an idea on the number of dependencies. It would make it easier for the developers to check the applications and make sure positive results emerge.

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