The Perfidy Of Werner Boehm

The Perfidy Of Werner Boehm


If you are someone who is interested in any type of cryptocurrency and the thought of owning some excites you then Bitrush would surely be a name that you might have heard of. The company came into the notice of general masses in recent years when the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin was increased to many folds as the Canadian government legalized it as a payable unit of money. The company is one of the leading flag bearers in the industry of payment systems dealing in the cryptocurrency. But in one of the recent findings of the company it found out that the then Chief Operating Officer of the company Werner Boehm was carrying out actions that weren’t in accordance with the company’s regulation and were without any approval from the Board members and also because of unauthentic and incorrect press release tainting the name of the firm. Hence he was terminated which was effective immediately. Some more information regarding the same case is given below so read it out.

Why was Boehm terminated?

Termination of a CEO is not an easy task and follows a lot of press releases and some concrete reasons to do so. The firm had some for Werner Boehm. It was found that the CEO was misleading and deceiving a number of shareholders including many people who were amicable to him. The CEO was also charged for transferring more than fifty thousand Canadian dollars to the account of the companies that were under his control. This forced the company to file a lawsuit against him hence dragging him to the court.

What happened in the court?

Some of the verdicts that the court had given were published in various Canadian papers (not to be published in papers outside Canada). The court mentioned that the conduct of the CEO was highly prejudicial and hence it immensely disregarded the interest of various shareholders of the company. It also mentioned that the CEO was fully aware of the situation in which the company was in and hence any dispute that was within the company was total because of the failure of Boehm’s ability to keep his words as the face of the company. The court also mentioned the transfer of money that Boehm performed was illegal.

The company is now struggling and is in midst of a muddle awaiting the decision of the court to carry out further procedures and make official statements against the people like Mr. Werner Boehm and others including the former Chief Operating Officer of the company Alfred Do bias and two corporate firms named Mezza Ltd. and Elfriede Sixt. The company will only make the official notice and press announcement after the whole procedure of the court is finished and the convicts are dealt with properly. This case came out to be as one of the warnings to the people who are interested in the electronic or cryptocurrency, showing that they are also prone to scams and aren’t totally safe too. So choose wisely and be safe.

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