Safer Internet – what can we do to make it safe?

Safer Internet


Today, internet security is a very important aspect of everyday life. Are you safe online, how can you check if your HTML connection is secure and what is Safer Internet Day? Find the answers in this article!

Despite increasing awareness of the dangers lurking online, we still often hear about various types of online crime. So what should you do to avoid them? It pays to have an up-to-date antivirus program on your device that detects and blocks threats. You should also use trusted and non-public internet networks, especially when entering login details or making payments. It is best to do this through your own connection.

For login details, users should have different passwords with different sounds for each service. Also, do not click on suspicious emails or advertisements, let alone links from unknown sources. There can be a threat behind almost anything. You should also check that the websites you use have an up-to-date SSL certificate. This is particularly important when shopping online, when entering your bank account details or payment card numbers. To check the validity of the certificate, click on the padlock next to the website address. You will see information about whether the connection is secure. To be able to see the info the quickest a fibre broadband connection is a recommended one.

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Internet threats – lurking dangers on the Internet

The threats lurking on your network are very varied. For example, confidential data can be stolen, bank accounts hacked or malicious software installed. You may also encounter fake shops and dishonest sellers when shopping online.

The internet is a place where psychological violence can occur. Catfishing scammers pretend to be someone they are not and often take advantage of their victims not only online but also offline (if they meet). On the internet, you can experience heckling and cyberbullying in the widest sense. Much of the content online is inappropriate for children (e.g. pornography), which is why many parents choose to use parental locks. Parental locks are available in many web browsers. With Chrome, you can set up a parental lock by creating a monitored child account through the parent’s Google account. The parent can then block individual websites from being accessed by the child.

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day has been celebrated in February since 2004. In 2022, it will be 8 February. The initiative was started as a project by the European Union and is now known in around 200 countries worldwide. The aim of the celebration is to raise awareness among internet users of the dangers they face online. It also aims to show how people can safely use the opportunities offered by the Internet. Safer Internet Day organises events and campaigns to raise awareness of online threats and safe behaviour.

You already know the basic rules for safe internet use. Remember to apply them in your everyday life and, if you are a parent, make sure you pass this knowledge on to your children. You should also take part in Safer Internet Day in February. Write your own advice on internet safety in the comments!

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