How To Lift Your Personal Online Reputation With Social Media

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You already know why your online reputation is important — employers and friends alike use the internet to get to know you. Personal reputation management is an important part of success in today’s digital world.

There are many ways to help others view you positively online. Social media can be a powerful tool to boost your reputation. Blogging can also be a great way to change the way you’re seen online.

Here, we’ll take a look at five things you can do to boost your online reputation score.

Learn About Your Reputation

You need to get a handle on what the internet says about you before you start managing your reputation. Googling yourself is a great first step to learning more about what potential employers will see.

Focus on what comes up on the first page of Google. Many employers won’t click past the first page.

Think About The Image You Want To Portray

You’ll want to think about how you want to appear online. Consider your personal and professional social media profiles. Take a look at the content you currently post online and think about whether it aligns with your desired presence.

If any posts or pictures jump out as jarring, hit delete (or make them private). You can also change social media profiles to private. If you’re searching for a job that requires social media use, it may not be a good idea to hide your online accounts.

Start Posting Regularly

Posting regular content helps bolster your desired image. This is especially true if less-than-desirable content is associated with your online presence.

Posting frequently can help drive your desired posts to the top of search results. Setting an alarm to post a few times a day can help remind you to get consistent. You’ll also want to research the types of posts that do best on your preferred social media platforms.

Respond to Comments — The Right Way

Interaction with others can help positively drive your social media engagement and online reputation. Responding to others in a positive, on-brand way can improve your online reputation.

You don’t need to be obsessive about checking for comments. Checking in on your platforms and responding once a day is a great way to boost engagement with your followers.

Hire The Pros

Trying to figure out reputation management on social media can be tough. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Working with a professional reputation management company can help improve your online reputation. A professional company can take over some of the work of boosting your online presence. This can include crafting social media posts, writing blogs, helping with comment responses, and more.

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