How to Add Security to your Dedicated Server?

Add Security to your Dedicated Server


1.Keep software Up-to-Date

One of the major aspects to keep your dedicated server protected and safe is to make sure to keep all necessary software up-to-date in a timely manner. It must be done manually, means taking a time to assure that each component of your hardware and software is updated, in addition, to install recommended security patches.

Do not rely on a software to give you the signal when the update will be available, being proactive will assure you that the updates are now available and ready to install.

#2.Use Trusted Networks

Whenever signing into your hosting account always make sure that you are using a trusted network. Which means that when signed into another unsecured network, or with a public wireless network, you should avoid logging into your hosting account. Moreover, make sure that other users having accounts are notified of this protocol.

#3.Select the Right Protection

When buying around a dedicated server, make sure that you are getting the right protection that is needed for high security.For instance, DDoS attacks are growing increasingly common, and a built-in DDoS protection is not carried in all hosting plans. So there is never meant a better time to have a DDoS protection added to the dedicated hosting account. It will protect against attacks that bring a server down by using the illegitimate traffic flooding. With a DDoS protection, you will get an additional protection layer that filters traffic to assure that only authorized visitors are allowed in.

In addition to with the DDoS protection, also see for other security features like data centers with the numerous redundancies, an advanced encryption, and the like.Never reduce the security for little monetary savings. It will not worth in a long run, particularly if you end up suffering with security breach.

#4.Regular Data Back Up

Also if you take all security precautions, it is possible for the security vulnerabilities and attacks to occur. Keep this in mind, it is all time a good idea having a backup plan. Particularly, you must take a backup for all your important data for at least once in a week, or possibly more. So that even any major things happen to your website you are able to restore everything to its previous state from the saved backup.

Those are only a few most important steps you can follow to increase a security level on your dedicated server. And if you are not aware of following these guidelines, it’s a time now to implement them into your everyday website maintenance and server task. Overall, managing a dedicated server security can be much easier with the correct hosting plan from the start.

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