How do you own a unique website for your company in 8 steps?

you own a unique website for your company in 8 steps


Creating a website for your company may seem very difficult and is overwhelmed by many and considered a daunting task, but with the best web design company should be easy and simple and this is explained to you through this article.

Creating a website for companies of any specialization is important and necessary.Website gives you an opportunity to gain more audience and make all employees work efficiently and collaboratively, helping your organization achieve its goals, but it requires planning, as well as the support of your leadership team.

If you are designing and creating a website or redesigning a professional website for your company, here are the eight important steps you need to plan, design and launch a successful website for your company.

1. Identifying a team for the website development project:

As a starting point for your website you will need to assemble a special team for the site, the site creation team should not be large. But you should be interested and discerning and who offer real benefit to the site, from departments that will have the most responsibility and benefit on your site usually HR and IT department, you will also need to appoint someone in your executive or management team as a “Project Champion”. This is useful for supervising the site in order to get out into the light.

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2. Select the platform where you want your site:

Nowadays, there are many options for creating websites online but WordPress remains the most popular for corporate websites, WordPress provides a lot of flexibility in design and handling in addition to the security and privacy features that the site needs.

3. Identify your site requirements:

Who are your users and what do they want from the site? What is the purpose and mission of your site? Determine the needs of the public and the needs of the company for the site and on this basis you will determine what you need within the site of the possibilities and pages, in this step you also choose a professional website designer or a distinctive web design company to create or develop your site with the best results, we recommend that you choose a company to get the desired result .

4. Identify the pages of the site:

Identifying and collecting content is often the biggest obstacle, once the user requirements are defined for all the different departments of the company, then comes the role of creating an outline of the content in the main and sub-sections. You should choose an administrator for the content of the company and you can hire an external content writer as well, we do not mean in this step Create internal articles but create a generic content layout and the next generation of written content will come into play.

5- Create Website Design:

It’s time to start planning your design.You can use a web design company to save time and effort.You can also try it yourself if you have the design experience.If you use a WordPress theme like Woffice, you can start with a template and create the modules and pages you need.

6. Create written content for the site:

Many Internet projects are disrupted at the stage of content creation and compilation, companies often lack a specialist to write articles and content to fill the intranet, and compile it in time for a successful launch of the site, and content creation is often the neglected part of the site design process, to avoid this you can hire a team For example, writing content for Tawajud provides you with the best quality and reasonable prices.

7. Site testing and error identification:

Do not rush to publish your site to users before testing it well, it is important to do some user tests, it is important that the people who test the site are not the same people who designed and developed, the detection of errors in the software should not be left to the developers who designed the site, but you have to hire another team Or a developer for troubleshooting.

Make sure your testers have a list of common tasks to be performed on the site such as “registering as a new user”, “searching for company events” or “filling out a purchase or service request form”. Give them minimum guidelines and a schedule of tests if necessary.

8. Launching and promoting the website:

Congratulations, your website has passed user testing and any bug or bug has been fixed, it’s time to publish your website and marketing it to gain more visitors and audience.

You may want to turn to a specialized web design company such as Tawajid to help design and manage your website as well as marketing it properly. We help organizations of all sizes to plan, design and develop websites….


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