It’s easy to dispatch a few deliveries each day. If, however, you begin to receive a lot of orders, you will require delivery scheduling software. Because at that point, delivery operations management becomes challenging. Pen and paper or spreadsheet-based route planning will be inaccurate, and simple online route planners that you might use to manage a few deliveries won’t be able to handle hundreds of them.

Delivery scheduling software organizes all the processes needed to deliver a delivery from the point of order to the door. It streamlines last-mile delivery processes and reduces time and expense. Learn about the many advantages the software can provide for your company.

Meet on-demand deliveries

Standard shipping is not what customers want anymore, and they desire same-day delivery, if not same-hour delivery. However, customers generally do not want to pay extra for expedited delivery. Consequently, your operating expenses soar as a result. Furthermore, there are numerous difficulties in organizing on-demand delivery.

But you can benefit in this area by using delivery scheduling software. It enhances and increases the effectiveness of your drivers’ performance. Your delivery costs decrease, your drivers can complete more deliveries, and if you want to provide free delivery, you can afford to cover more necessary charges.

Real-time tracking of vehicles

It is impossible to ensure that your drivers will make deliveries on time even if you provide them with the optimal routes. Additionally, you must guarantee they travel without incident and adhere to the itineraries as directed. In the past, requesting the driver for their location may have required calling them, which seriously threatens their safety.

The best delivery scheduling software makes it simpler to keep track of drivers when they depart on their itineraries. They include a GPS tracking capability to monitor moving vehicles in real-time on a map. Because of your complete control over each driver, you are always aware of their activity, thanks to this visibility.

Centralize delivery tasks

Delivery scheduling software is a centralized system. Therefore, you do not have to download and rely on various programs; all you need is cloud-based delivery management software.

It is convenient anytime, anywhere, and on any device. All you need are your login credentials and a standard internal browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Using APIs, you can even link the route optimizer with several different applications (Application Programming Interface).

Improve customer satisfaction

Software for vehicle routing ensures that your drivers can deliver packages on schedule. Customers can be alerted and notified when their shipment is on its way to them or is close by using the customer alerting and notification feature. Customers will feel valued and dependable when you maintain this level of openness.

Make informed decisions

Utilize delivery scheduling software to track important delivery operations data. You can calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) by tracking development over time. You canalso determine your team’s key strengths and shortcomings and discover fresh ways to reduce waste and improve operations.

Final thoughts

Delivery scheduling software can increase sales, improve driver productivity and safety, and save transportation expenses.

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