Everything You Need to Know About User Experience Testing and Crowdsourced Testing


When creating a product or an app, every developer wants to give the best to their customers. Besides, products that look good sell well in the market. For this reason, aesthetics play a crucial role when it comes to user experience. A moderately functional product with an appealing design will likely attract numerous users. Currently, countless websites on the internet offer similar services. Nevertheless, if you want to remain outstanding and attract more clients, your business has to offer an engaging user experience. As a result, you will realize increased product conversion rates, thus, more revenue for your brand. User experience can influence users to purchase a product and increase retention as well. Continue reading to learn more about user experience and crowdsourced testing.


What is User Experience Testing?

Also referred to as a usability test or UX test, a user experience test is utilized to evaluate a specific application’s overall user-friendliness. The main idea for implementing a user experience test is to assess the flexibility and ease of using an app based on a user’s point of view. In other words, a usability test defines how attractive and easy your app is to use. Consequently, user experience includes an individual’s attitudes and emotions regarding a specific service, product or system. User experience includes the valuable, practical, meaningful, affective and experimental aspects of product ownership and human-computer interaction. A user experience test will give each person’s specific attitudes and emotions towards a certain application or product.

When evaluating the user experience test, it is also vital to assess the content clarity, navigation flow and structure of your website or application. Since developers may not always be able to pinpoint the flaws in their products, a user experience test comes in handy to help with that.

Importance of User Experience Testing

To start with, performing user experience tests can directly impact your business’s revenue. Other benefits of this test include:

  1. User experience tests help tackle the usability problems present in your competitor’s products, thus out-scaling them.
  2. This test makes your products increasingly efficient, thus elevating a user’s satisfaction with the specific product.
  3. Since it relies on an actual user’s opinion, this test makes handling usability errors more efficient.

Crowdsourced Testing: What is it?

Also known as crowd QA or crowd testing, crowdsourced testing is a software testing approach where a huge group of individuals are invited to take part in the testing process. Crowdsourced testing taps into the diverse perspectives and skills of a distributed group of testers instead of depending on internal tester teams only.

Is Crowd Testing Perfect for My Business?

Typically, crowd testing is ideal for enhancing a smaller QA team. This is because it includes a more diverse range of people, thus providing better user feedback and fresh perspectives. Utilizing crowdsourced testing in your organization will allow you to enjoy numerous benefits, which include the following:

  • Enhanced test coverage
  • Real-world testing
  • Increased time to market and faster feedback
  • Objective perspective
  • Diverse testers
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility

All in all, crowdsourced testing may be a cost efficient approach for businesses to apply in their software and web development.

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