Choosing a Reseller Hosting Company: Tips and Tricks

Choosing a Reseller Hosting Company: Tips and Tricks


Choosing the right Reseller Hosting Company is a critical decision when you start your journey as a hosting reseller. With several options available in the market and all claiming similar features and benefits, this decision becomes even more difficult. While selecting a Reseller Hosting Company it is important to remember that the right choice will benefit you in the long-term whereas a wrong choice can also create a bad name for you in the market. In this article, we will offer some tips and tricks to help you choose the right Reseller Hosting Company.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing a Reseller Hosting Company

  • Cost – Since you are planning to resell web hosting, the cost of the package is important. However, you must avoid making this the sole factor in determining the hosting company. A cheap Reseller Hosting plan might actually cost you more in the long-run if it does not offer you adequate services.
  • Technical Aspects – Before you purchase a Reseller Hosting plan, think about how you intend to target customers. Also, what kinds of customers are you planning to target? Are you going to have many media-heavy websites? If yes, then you might want to look for a plan which offers adequate disk space, as well as, bandwidth. Also, if you are well-networked in the financial services sector and expect some financial companies or e-commerce companies to have their websites hosted with you, then you might want to focus on up time and security more than disk space.
  • Support – Remember, you do not have a web hosting company but for all practical purposes you are one for your customers. Therefore, you need to be ready for exigencies at any time of the day or night. However, since the server is being managed by the Reseller Hosting company, you would need their assistance to solve the server-related glitches. Therefore, look for a company which offers 24x7x365 technical support for Reseller Hosting plans. Also, check reviews to see if the company offers a quick response or not. After all, your business will depend on how well you serve your customers after the sale.
  • Scaling Up – When you start a reselling business, you need to spare a thought about your future plans too. Now think about the company that you intend to buy the Reseller Hosting plan from and think if it can meet your growing demands in the future. What if you grow 10-folds in the next 5 years, will the hosting company be able to accommodate your requirements?
  • Control Panel – Ensure that the company offers a feature-rich control panel to manage and maintain your Reseller Hosting account and your customer’s accounts too.

Summing Up

We hope that these tips will help you choose the Reseller Hosting company which is best suited to you. Remember, purchasing a Reseller Hosting plan is like joining hands with a business partner – it requires understanding each other’s requirements and ensuring that the future plans are in the same direction. Further, you will be promising services to your customers based on the technical and support assurance offered by the company. Therefore, research well and decide judiciously. Good Luck!

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