Best Applications Android Users Should Have!

Best Applications Android Users Should Have!


You use smartphones for a variety of things. You listen to music, play games, watch movies and video, and talk to your loved ones on social media. Another use for smartphones is to make your lives absolutely easier.

Thankfully, there are myriad of applications on android that can do just that for you. You carry this thing on you all the time so why not let it make your life easier? Here are the most useful apps for Android users.

Adobe Apps

Adobe has many of the most useful apps out there. These apps usually range from photo editing to utility and encompass the apps such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF reader), Photo Express (photo editing), Adobe Lightroom Illustrator Draw (drawing), Premiere Clip (video editing), Scan (document scanner and many more. Many of such types of apps fill niches that other third-party applications simply don’t. Apart from this, they are all great enough to make the best impact in your life. These apps are absolutely free for you.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft has been killing it on mobile platform in the last few years. The company surely has some of the most effective apps out there. Some of the better ones encompass Microsoft OneDrive (cloud storage), Microsoft Launcher, the Microsoft Office suite (word documents, spreadsheets, presentations), Microsoft Authenticator (security), Remote Desktop, Office Lens (document scanner), and various more. Apart from this, they have some up and comers such as a to-do list app that is gradually getting better. These people are also working on direct Android screen mirroring on Windows 10 and some other effective things.  Indeed, the apps are wonderful for your day today usage.

AirDroid (and AirMirror)

It is one useful and effective application that allows you to connect your PC to your Android device and vice versa. You can easily share files, get all the notifications, quick reply to a couple of messaging apps, and more. AirMirror, a plugin for AirDroid, allows you remote into other computers for things like assistance and other types of things. This is amidst the finest ways to connect all of your devices together. It even works on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. There is a payment for all of the features.

However, you can easily try the free version first to find out if you like it.  Here, if you do 9apps download 2018, you can ensure that you get this app for free. Yes, this third-party play store gives you all the android applications that too for free.


It is an open-source WIFI analyser. The app allows you to see your Wi-Fi connection and also other connections in the general area. There are a number of reasons why you might require something like this. You can easily see if your Wi-Fi is sharing a channel with any other Wi-Fi networks (that can affect connectivity and speed). You can even identify nearby Wi-Fi networks, graph signal strength, and so on. It is significant information to know if you are planning to optimize your home Wi-Fi.


Thus, you can get all these applications for free and without any problem. These apps surely promise you a more effective and powerful routine

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