Benefits of the Vidmate Application

Vidmate Application


For all the video lovers who want to have any video on their device, there is a requirement of an app which will help to download the videos for them and in any formats is very much important. Seeing this feature there are many apps that are available on the play store and the app store but among all of them the Vidmate app is considered to be the best in the light of all the features.

People have used many apps but the apps always fail to match the expectations of the people in terms of benefits they provide. This app not only helps to download the videos but also helps to save it side by side saving the storage space on the device. One can even share the video which one wants to share on almost all the social media platforms. This is the feature which separates this app from all the others.

In case one wants to enjoy the benefits then one must have the Vidmate app on their devices. This will help to watch, download and share the videos as well. Following are the benefits which any other app other than the Vidmate app fails to but the Vidmate is very much successful in providing them all. They have been mentioned as:

1 Download videos in any format:

This will enable the users to download the videos in any of the formats.One can download the videos in almost all the prevailing formats in regard to the videos on own android devices. Such is the capability of this app.

2 Provides selection in quality:

One can choose among the various available formats in the videos like the HD, 360p and many more.This will help in downloading the videos as per own wish of the users.

3 Provides flexibility among the devices:

The app works very well on all the devices like mobiles and laptops. These is the best feature of the app which helps the users to anytime and from anywhere access this app using the latest technology.One can download the app using the following steps:

  • Opening the browser on the device
  • Then going to
  • Searching the bluestack app and then downloading that app.
  • Then installing the bluestack app.
  • Launching the downloaded bluestack app and hen searching the vidmate app on it.
  • Then installing the vidmate app and start availing its benefits.

4 Tells about the download status:

The app also helps in providing the status of the downloads. This will depend upon the internet speed and the number of apps which one wishes to download at a specific point of time. One can always check the notification bar for such status.

5 Enabling the fast download:

People who wish to download the content can increase the speed of downloads as well using this app.Following steps are to be followed for this:

  • Going to the ‘me’ tab
  • Going to the settings option
  • Going to download settings
  • Then turning on the fast download mode.

Thus the app has huge utility for all its users. Hurry and get it on 9Apps today!

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