3 Digital Marketing Services Worth Paying For

Digital Marketing Services


As valuable as SEO is, digital marketing is where it’s at today. A full-service digital marketing firm offers a complete list of SEO services along with additional services that optimize SEO for marketing purposes. A company looking to maximize its SEO and digital marketing dollars would do well to look at hiring a full-service provider. In the absence of that, there are still a handful of services worth paying for.

Full service digital marketing can be expensive. Thousands of dollars per month is not out of the question. The more services you add to a solution, the more it costs. So for some small businesses, full service is out of the question. They need to pick and choose their services wisely.

Webtek Digital Marketing is a Salt Lake City SEO firm that serves clients around the country. They also have a second office in Austin, TX.

The Webtek team suggests paying for the following three digital marketing services:

1. Technical SEO

If a company had to settle for a single service worth paying for, it would have to be technical SEO. Technical SEO deals with all those hidden things that are not seen when you visit a website. Even though you cannot see them, search engine crawlers can. That makes a difference.

Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Page Descriptions – Digital marketers create SEO-friendly page descriptions the tell search engine crawlers what a particular page is about. The information in a description needs to be keyword-rich and SEO optimized to have maximum impact.
  • Image Tags – Image tags are descriptions of a website’s images. Once again, search engines utilize the information in the tags to better understand what images depict. As an added bonus, the tags can also help visually impaired visitors better understand webpages.

Addressing the technical aspects of SEO requires a fair amount of knowledge and skill. For most small businesses, it is not something that can be effectively handled internally. Therefore, it’s worth paying for.

2. PPC Services

PPC services are services offered in support of paid advertising. According to Webtek, digital marketers can assist with PPC ad campaigns as much or as little as a client wants. From basic ad design to full ad management, there is a lot to deal with.

Since PPC can get pretty complicated, this is yet another service worth paying for. Allowing professionals to manage paid ad campaigns ensures a small business is getting the most for its money.

3. Content Creation

The third digital marketing service worth paying for is content creation. Creating quality content that will attract both search engines and human visitors is not as easy as it appears. There is a lot more to it than just throwing down 500-1,000 words and calling it a blog post.

Just to get started, a content creator must understand how search engines analyze and rank content. Granted, Google doesn’t want creators to create for their algorithms. They want the focus to be on consumers. But content creators still can’t dismiss the influence search engines have on their work.

In terms of consumers, content needs to be worthwhile to them. It must be relevant, applicable, easily understood, and well written. Otherwise, it will simply be ignored.

Digital marketing services do not come cheaply. If a small business can afford full service, that is the way to go. But if not, the three services described in this post are still worth paying for. Get these three right and a company’s digital marketing efforts will be headed in the right direction. Is there any other choice in today’s digital world?

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